Susan Davis, RN, L.Ac

Susan Davis, RN

Susan Davis, PISA’s resident Licensed Acupuncturist, was first exposed to the practice while on a cycling trip through China in the 1980s. She was able to visit a traditional Chinese hospital and saw doctors performing major abdominal surgeries with nothing but an acupuncture needle. Seeing patients wide awake and in no distress left a major impression on Susan, and she decided that other cultures must have an innate knowledge of the human body that wasn’t being thoroughly explored stateside.

After attending nursing school in Canada and embarking on a long travel nurse career, Susan settled in Tucson in 2004. Though she saw many pain patients treated with pharmaceuticals as an emergency room nurse, she decided to pursue acupuncture after it was able to help her effectively reduce her own chronic pain. Together with its potential benefits to anxiety, sleep deprivation, digestive problems, depression, and more, Susan is passionate about offering this therapy as an alternative to (or in combination with) more common Western pain management strategies. She prioritizes kindness, gentleness, patience, and empathy in her practice.

Her degrees, licenses, and certifications are as follows:

  • Baccalaureate in nursing (BSN) –Western Governors University
  • C.E.N (Certified Emergency Nurse ) 1991
  • Nursing diploma (Canada)
  • Masters in Acupuncture (MAC) Asian Institute of Medical Studies. Tucson. (TCM program) 2012
  • Board Certified. National accreditation (NCCAOM)

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