01. Eric Cornidez, MD, MBA

It is my privilege to

It is my privilege to provide this testimony and review for Dr. Eric Cornidez. I have been a patient of Dr. Cornidez for several years — a fact that in and of itself speaks to both this physician’s genuine passion-for-and-dedication-to the highly specialized field of paint intervention. As others who live with high-level pain on a constant, daily basis, I have learned that all anesthesiologists are most certainly NOT the same. What keeps me going back to the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona in general, and Dr. Cornidez in particular, is the fact that his extensive experience and knowledge associated with this often abstract, elusive, and potentially very debilitating condition is joined with an adroit and uncommon talent for searching out and targeting a patient’s source, or, as in my case, sources, of often incapacitating discomfort. Moreover, what in my experience makes Dr. Cornidez extraordinary is his seemingly infinite positivity. In all these years, there has never been even a single instance when he did not make me feel welcome, just like an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in many

Dr. Cornidez is a great

Dr. Cornidez is a great doctor. He’s very cordial, Cares about his patients and listen’s well about my concerns. The office staff is very friendly and efficient.

Dr. Cornidez is a thoughtful

Dr. Cornidez is a thoughtful and concerned doctor who makes his patient feel comfortable and heard. The breadth of his knowledge and the various possible ways he is aware of to deal with an issue are amazing. I always feel that if one possibility is not viable he has another one up his sleeve! Luck of the draw enabled me to become Dr. Cornidez ‘s patient. Helping me control my pain will keep me with this outstanding doctor and human being.

Dr Cornidez is absolutely a

Dr Cornidez is absolutely a top notch Doctor as his staff. I have been going to him for 7 years and 4 back surgeries. He has been working diligently to manage my extensive back pain. I will continue to go to him because I have total confidence and trust in him and his staff.

Dr. Cornidez was very

Dr. Cornidez was very kind and explained things well. I am also grateful because they worked me in for an X-ray I needed. I am from out of town and the Pain Clinic was willing to adjust their schedule to give the X-ray the same day as my appointment, rather than make me come back the next week.

The Assistant, NP, and the

The Assistant, NP, and the Doctor were all polite, thorough and to the point, without making assumptions. Great visit gave me a lot of confidence that I’ll be ok after 18 months with others. []Eric Cornidez, MD, MBA]

Dr. Cornidez is always making

Dr. Cornidez is always making sure that ablations work. If they don’t he figures out why it didn’t. Mine was 80% effective. He takes the time to talk to you and hear his patient out.

I was referred to Dr

I was referred to Dr Cornidez by my pcp for knee pain. Dr Cornidez was easy to talk to. Listened and was professional, very knowledgeable and personable. I will continue in his care and appreciate the care he provides. My entire visit from the time I walked in was exceptional.