O.K. We saw Dr Cornidez

O.K. We saw Dr Cornidez today 13 July 2023. A patient since 2008. I’m writing this for my wife Patricia who suffered from a plum sized mass (thank GOD it wasn’t cancerous) plum, yes a plum sized, just think about that.! (just think in your brain with a plum inside it occupied space in there) removed from her front Left section of her BRAIN in November of 2022. Who’s still enduring extreme pain in area after surgery, 9 months out.

We sought out Dr, Corniedz from all his personal attention given in pervious care to myself, A 22yr Combat Veteran who wouldn’t of finished his 22yrs of USAF SPECIAL FORCES service with his family care which provided a better quality of life for myself, as now a VETERAN, with all his personal attention, care and knowledge of PAIN management.

DR Corndiez treated us a Family member throughout treatments, further care improvement of our quality of life. That was essential to not only our piece of mind. But, for not worrying 24/7 as now a care giver on how much a EXCEPTIONAL Doctor Cornidez who really cares about his patients – who are treated as FAMILY!!

Words can’t express in this expression of our comfort we get from his personal attention/care.
IF, You are looking to find a Doctor who cares about his patients….this is Dr Cornidez!!!