It is my privilege to

It is my privilege to provide this testimony and review for Dr. Eric Cornidez. I have been a patient of Dr. Cornidez for several years — a fact that in and of itself speaks to both this physician’s genuine passion-for-and-dedication-to the highly specialized field of paint intervention.

As others who live with high-level pain on a constant, daily basis, I have learned that all anesthesiologists are most certainly NOT the same. What keeps me going back to the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona in general, and Dr. Cornidez in particular, is the fact that his extensive experience and knowledge associated with this often abstract, elusive, and potentially very debilitating condition is joined with an adroit and uncommon talent for searching out and targeting a patient’s source, or, as in my case, sources, of often incapacitating discomfort. Moreover, what in my experience makes Dr. Cornidez extraordinary is his seemingly infinite positivity. In all these years, there has never been even a single instance when he did not make me feel welcome, just like an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in many years, and outwardly and clearly show me that he sincerely and truly cared about how I was feeling. He also always reassured me that he was (and is!) 100% committed to doing what is necessary to help improve my quality of life.

I could go on and on about this simply superb doctor and practitioner. I have had dozens and dozens of injections over these past many years. When and if it comes to this particular sort of intervention, there is no physician I have known that compares to this gentleman’s uncanny ability and expertise. I would fly across the country to be under the care of Eric Cornidez.