I was greeted by a

I was greeted by a very pleasant young man [Mark Cameron, ACNPC-AG] that had read my history, extensive as it is, and had a frank discussion with me about the severe pain. I have been suffering for 40 years due to a tumor in my spinal cord, and subsequent melodies after that. He was extremely engaged ask pertinent questions, and was truly interested in what the pain clinic could do for me.
He gave me several treatment options of which I am considering and furthermore encouraged me to get x-rays on my elbow and wrist to decide if the injections would assist me in daily life.
I was most impressed with the doctor, checking in with him before he left the building and consider that a sign that they are truly thorough by ascertaining the cause of the pain before injections.
I would recommend Pisapain clinic as an option of exploration before invasive procedures.