I just had a spinal

I just had a spinal disc injection by Dr. Farshad and the entire staff needs to be commended on the fine treatment I received. From the pre op blood pressure taking to the very end I was treated with respect and kindness. When the procedure was over I had intense pain in my back and right leg. The male nurse had my weak side and another nurse had my pants so they would not fall. I felt secure they would not let me fall. They immediately got me a wheel chair to go to the discharge area. A nurse immediately got me a glass of ice water that I very much appreciated. The discharge nurse was professional and very reassuring. By the time I had signed the discharge papers the pain was gone in my back and leg and I confidently walked out of the Clinic. Today was the first time I could walk my dog totally pain free . Dr. Farshad is a gem of a doctor and has my highest respect and appreciation.