I have been treated for

I have been treated for my neck and back pain by Dr. Cubillo and his staff for over 2 1/2 years and from the very first visit I have been treated with the proper care and respect. Dr. Cubillo preformed some procedures on my neck and back and knowing that I was an older patient, he and the nurses very attentive to me during the procedures.

At this time I am being treated by Kerry Kopecky. I have only been seen by her twice and also twice via telemedicine appointments but she has also been very kind and considerate towards me. I look forward to seeing her more often and hope to establish a great patient/doctor relationship too.

Dr. Cubillo and the staff at the clinic on 7140 E. Rosewood are one of my greatest people in the medical profession that I feel that they will continue to give me all the care that I need and will make my life so much better especially now that I’m 82 years old. I am thankful for all of them!!