I am glad to have

I am glad to have the opportunity to provide this very positive feedback for Ms. America Ramirez. From our very first meeting, I found Ms. Ramirez to be a naturally and genuinely enthusiastic, welcoming, and friendly individual. Most notably, she took the time to convey her interest in working with me to establish an effective treatment plan to improve both my symptoms and overall life quality. She read over my case in a focused and detailed manner, and spoke to me in a fashion that was at once easy to understand and professional.
America went over important expectations and safeguards related to my treatment, and I appreciated how she helped me understand that my well-being and welfare are of the utmost importance to her and to the Pain Institute of Southern Arizona in general.

Like many patients who have found help at this practice, my case has been complicated at times. It’s rare when a single obvious condition presents as the source of a patient’s symptoms of pain and discomfort, and Ms. Ramirez wanted me to know that PISA has always been focused on finding and treating all aspects of each patient’s pain profile.

I am very happy to say that I have been feeling much, much better in the time I have been under America’s care. She is an outstanding practitioner!