Gemma wants to fix the

Gemma wants to fix the pain issue also she listens to what is happening to each person with interest at heart, she is calm when my pain is high and not myself and with that calmness makes me feel better just knowing she cares about me. She knows how to reach inside each person an pull out the issues to put the right way to help me guide me through it, knows what medication to give me, I love her ways as my doctor and friend. Doctors like her are hard to find as I have been through many surgeries with struggling to use the right medication so I can have a better day, with 5 major neck surgeries low back pain and both hands with carpal tunnel syndrome, she is the best doctor I have ever met or had over the 25 years of pain. I will never leave her profession work if she will keep me around, I am very grateful for her and hope she continues her journey as a pain doctor cause she knows her stuff, she’s a great understanding person to have in my corner, thanks to her I am so blessed to have more better days than not, bless you Gemma and hope you will never leave cause I would have a very hard time finding someone like you to take care of me, I am truly grateful and blessed 🙏🏼💯