During 1968- 69 I was

During 1968- 69 I was a young USMC Infantry Officer serving in Vietnam. On February 20, 1969 I was wounded suffering multiple injuries. As I have aged my injuries developed into multiple sites of chronic pain. The most serious source of that pain was my lower back. Approximately two years ago the VA referred me to Dr. Cubillo at PISA. At first we tried several less invasive treatment options but none were successful. Finally, Dr. Cubillo and I settled on an Abbott Spinal Cord Stimulator. It has made a world of difference in my life. While I am not pain free the reduction in the level of pain has been significant. I am no longer in constant, nearly unbearable pain.

Dr. Cubillo stuck with me and continued to search for a treatment option that would make a difference for me. He always treated me with a great deal of respect and I felt a general level of concern for my situation that I haven’t always felt with other physicians who have treated my injuries over the years. I highly recommend PISA and Dr. Cubillo.