Dr Gossler and the staff

Dr Gossler and the staff have cared for me for over 4 years. At my first visit, I was concerned because I had experienced a long list of treatment modalities. My back problem was front and center , complicating every aspect of my life. Working full time was sometimes very hard to do. My pain dominated so many things and relationships. After my first appointment a care pathway opened up. At times it was very focused and complex. Medications were never the center of my treatment. Nerve ablations led to relief. My life changed as a result of treatment I received. They have followed me closely for any changes. He has seen me after long periods of time, whenever a problem would arise. The treatment plans always helped. Most of the time I had no pain, and a normal life.

I don’t know what might have become of me had I not found Dr Gossler. He changed everything, seemingly effortlessly. I still visit PISA whenever I need to. And he still knows how to make me feel well and strong. I will miss him. Congratulations on your retirement, Dr Gossler. Thanks for everything!