Dr Duran did a great

Dr Duran did a great job relieving the pain in my neck with an ablation. As a result , I have much more pain free mobility.

I was enthused about Dr Duran, so I returned for help with nerve pain in my right arm. His assistant looked everything Over and suggested starting with an Epidural. I made an appointment, but when I got there and changed, it was cancelled. I had NOT been told to avoid ibuprofen or any blood thinners. I had a major dental issue and was told to use ibuprofen and Tylenol until the dentist could see me. I had used ibuprofen that morning, so my appointment was cancelled and rescheduled. This totally destroyed my plans for the next two weeks and meant a week more with disrupted sleep. The arm pain wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Generally, their service is good, but I was very disappointed with this disruption.