08. Jared Gilman, MD

I’m not comfortable putting down

I’m not comfortable putting down in my own words, I am completely comfortable with Dr. Gilman trying to help me. I’m in a bad situation and he is doing everything he can to try making me feel better. The government is making it almost impossible to get the medical needs available to honest , trustworthy patients who follow the guidelines not to overdose. It makes it almost impossible to help us! I wish I could say more but I don’t know how to put into words how difficult it is to live in debilitating pain. It is hard to put into words I would rather speak with someone over the phone.

This is the only time

This is the only time I have seen Dr. Gilman, but it was a very pleasant experience. I usually see Lindsay Carter, but due to making vacation plans, I needed to see someone else. Everyone at PISA was very helpful in arranging an appointment time for me.

My wife and I have

My wife and I have recently become patients of Dr. Gilman. We both have different issues that no other Drs were able to get to the bottom of. We both have had treatments by Dr Gilman and he nailed it. What a brilliant Doctor. Dr Gilman has exceptional bedside manner, is a great listener and is passionate about helping patients regain their health and well being. Dr. Gilman came up with a treatment plan that we all agreed on, answered all our questions and gained our trust through his knowledge and skill. We are so Thankful to have found Dr. Gilman

I’ve been seeing Dr. Gilman

I’ve been seeing Dr. Gilman for a couple of years now. He’s always been professional, timely and informative in his approach to my pain relief. Currently I’m getting knee injections. I’m grateful for Dr. Gilman’s adherence to his scheduled appointments because oftentimes I’m headed directly in to work afterwards. He is efficient, caring and timely. I appreciate his work ethic.