02. Efrain Cubillo, MD

You and your team are

You [Efrain Cubillo, MD] and your team are the most awesome people to deal with. You’re all kind and caring about me as a person and do what it takes to make me comfortable and are so up on the latest technology and I feel safe in your care. To bad there’s not more than 5 stars. Thank you

Excelente Doctor. Toma tiempo para

Excelente Doctor. Toma tiempo para escuchar a sus pacientes y buscar soluciones medicas para mis condiciones. Excellent Doctor. He takes time to listen to his patients and seek medical solutions for my conditions. [Efrain Cubillo, MD]

Had 3 treatment shots on

Had 3 treatment shots on both knees guess my left knee still needs some shots but my right knee did better. Still hoping to lower my pain index. I do thank GOD for Dr. Cubillo’s patience and knowledge in lowering my pain from a solid 10 to a 7.5

Dr. Cabillo was simply amazing,

Dr. Cubillo was simply amazing, everything I had hoped for: professional, excellent, excellent communicator, patient, warm, spoke slowly, due to my poor hearing, simply put me at ease. I feel tremendous trust in his care and treatment plan coming up. My husband, a retired medical professional, and I were so very impressed with his clear, step-by-step explanation of my lumbar situation as he used the prop of a sample back bone stretched across his lap making sure that I understood everything. Dr. Cubillo was recommended to me by some friends and I am eternally grateful.

I believe that Pisa provides

I believe that Pisa provides the best pain relief available in Tucson. Kerry is my NP and I love. She knows what she’s doing and is the only one who has been able to manage my restless leg and neuropathy.

As a physician and as

As a physician and as a multistage HMO developer, as well as a patient, I have extensive experience with medical providers, staff, and facilities. PISA is top of the line.