11. Michelle Boone, FNP-C

Michelle is always so nice

Michelle is always so nice and has many helpful ideas for me. The tech is super sweet. Front desk are very friendly and efficient. This place is the best.

She isn’t just there to

She isn’t just there to see you & then move on to the next. She REALLY shows empathy, kindness and TOTALLY gets to know you as a person, not just a patient. The entire staff up front is second to none! [Michelle Boone, FNP-C]

I really like Michelle Boone.

I really like Michelle Boone. She really listens and Hears what I’m saying. I know when I tell her something she believes me. She knows I’m not making this up. I like the staff. I feel confident that they are very knowledgeable ànd they take great care of me!

To the PISA Institute. ..

To the PISA Institute. .. I moved here from Ohio with so many issues. Have had chronic pain for many years, surgeries on my back and severe fibromyalgia. I love the relationship I have and appreciate still being taught not to fear the inevitable. You have earned a ten star with me. I believe there’s hope for me to have quality life and I believe that’s what you’ve shown me! Thank you so much..

I find Michelle to be

I find Michelle to be cheerful and friendly and down to earth. She is quite competent in her skills. She makes you feel you are valued and respects your concerns. Her assistants are always friendly as well and one assumes them to be happy working for her.

This is a great place

This is a great place to come to. PISA will do it all to make sure your taken care of. As for me, left hip, lower 3 vertebrae on some, right shoulder, wrists and hands,

I’ve really loved Michelle ..

I’ve really loved Michelle .. ever since first meeting her…. She listens, really listens, and I know that she really cares! Her advice is always comforting and appreciated!! She’s a delightful EMPATH!