03. Christopher Bailey, MD

I have seen Dr. Bailey

I have seen Dr. Bailey for treatment in the past and have recently returned to see him because I trust him and know that I will receive the best care. He listens to you and is always so courteous.

Christopher H. Bailey, MD is

Christopher H. Bailey, MD is quite knowledgeable and interventional pain management Expert. All of my questions were answered. My family is happy also! I highly recommend this Doctor!

Christopher H. Bailey, MD

Christopher H. Bailey, MD Interventional pain management Expert MD and his skilled team members, quickly put me at ease with their knowledge base and people skills and wonderful communication demonstrated today during my patient initial Consultation at Pain Institute of Southern Arizona, Tucson First Avenue Clinic. Thank you! All of my questions were answered with care and Exceptional responses. I enjoyed having a medical Transcriptionist present, aka a “Scribe”, for Physician team readiness and Physician helpfulness. This experience gave me direct patient to Anesthesiologist MD, direct conversation and good mutual eye contact. Saved precious time today! Dr Christopher H. Bailey and myself were able to together, agree on my diagnoses, assessment, intervention and treatment plan of care. I say Thank you, Dr Bailey and many blessings and success, for a wonderful chosen Pain Institute of Southern Arizona career path. Today I found, an important and very valuable patient pain management Resource Expert Professional in Christopher H. Bailey, MD. Folks, patients you won’t be disappointed for your patient Physician assessment and your continuum of your care, with Christopher H. Bailey, MD.

Dr Bailey was amazing! Great

Dr Bailey was amazing! Great bedside manner and outstanding Technician. I received an test NALU he placed the leads exactly where needed. The whole team OR and front office, along with nurses are all outstanding very grateful!

Dr. Bailey and staff are

Dr. Bailey and staff are highly skilled professionals. They listen to your problems and suggest the best course of action to take. They are a five star rated doctor’s office. Dr. Bailey always takes care of my medical pain issues. Thank you.

Dr. Bailey and his staff

Dr. Bailey and his staff were courteous, competent and the procedure took all of five minutes. As promised, I had a roaring headache the next day and for two more and even paying down my spine to the lower back. But on the fourth day, everything was wonderful the most pain-free I have been in a while, except for the rib cage part.