What can I say about

What can I say about my wonderful doctor [Steven M. L. Prust, MD]. He is always so attentive and happy. We like to joke around and I love seeing pictures of his little family. He takes me out of my pain like no other doctor has been able to do. The shots he gives me and the ablations last me for the prescribed times. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without him. We have a very special bond and I appreciate him so very much. I always tell my friends from CA about him just to make them envious, which isn’t fair, because their doctors over there suck and don’t do what my sweet Doctor does. I also forgot to mention how gentle he is with me. Shots are over in a nano second. I also must say how important his staff is as well. They are all so wonderful to me. Very polite and respectful at all time. There is not one member who is rude or nasty with me and they always have big smiles on their faces. You have a very professional office and I always look forward to seeing everyone.