was blessed the day I

Was blessed the day I first met with Dr. Cornidez. I provided him with years worth of medical information regarding my lifelong journey with chronic migraine. He actually read the information I provided, as evidenced by the very first thing he said to me upon entering the room, i.e., “You’ve been through a lot haven’t you?” I am always anxious at first meetings with neurologists or pain specialists, as I usually have to defend my need for pain medication…and I usually have to sit through their inappropriate judgments, their inexperience and lack of education about this disabling condition, and mostly, their inevitable lack of empathy. Dr. Cornidez has demonstrated the polar opposite of the aforementioned descriptors, resulting in my ability to experience a higher quality of life as well as decreased anxiety and fear from the migraine pain that has been a lifelong passenger. He listened with compassion to my life story, he believed me and he TRUSTED me. He is one of the greatest life blessings in my life. I am 65 years old and have suffered since the age of 12, not only the pain of chronic migraine…but also the disrespect and distrust of medical personnel who have NO clue how this condition affects and alters one’s entire life. God bless you Dr. Eric Cornidez!