Mark has a beautiful soul.

Mark has a beautiful soul. He is professional but also empathetic.

I have many active spine conditions. Severe osteoporosis, scoliosis pain from neck, shoulders, arms to sacrum..which is bolted into my hip bones. I have live in severe pain for 12 years….every day. 13 spine surgeries. I need at least two more. But there are no complex spine issues surgeries in Arizona.

I am very knowledgeable about physician patient medical support.

I think Mark supports me in my situation. While there is a limit as to how much help he can provide he does his best. I support Mark!

However I need to move out of Arizona and live in Washington state where there are a number of high quality complex spine issues surgeons and physicians and I need to move SOON. Before I have emergency surgery by non complex spinal issues surgery. It’s coming. It’s my terror.