I’ve been recently diagnosed with

I’ve been recently diagnosed with Cancer in my uterus and a huge tumor as well right on my pelvis. I struggled after getting out of the hospital because my primary ignored my pain and if was a struggle to get any pain relief from her. I was referred by my radiation Dr to Pain Institute of Southern Arizona where I met Kerry Kopecky. She started me on a pain management that helped me right away. I also had pain that was hurting me and she figured out right away what it was and started me on another medication. I really feel how much she cares about me and works so hard to help me deal with this pain until my heart and lungs heal and I can get a hysterectomy. If you are suffering, this is the place to go. They will help you, respect you and treat you with dignity. Also they keep a close eye on you so you do not have to worry about becoming addicted. Cancer is brutal but Kerry helps make it a lot less painful. I’m forever grateful and will do everything I can to fight this battle.
Thank you for reading my journey and I pray yours is successful as well.
Shanna A