I can’t say enough good

I can’t say enough good things about Dennis, but please allow me to hit some of the highlights. Dennis has an encyclopedic knowledge of pain management and the science behind it. He regularly wows me out when I ask him questions about techniques and pharmacology. I have a degree in Radiography and worked in a County Training Hospital for ten years, plus many orthopedic, GP and Oto-Rhino-Laryngological offices. Generally, I can keep up with most information I get from my providers. Dennis still wows me out, but always takes the time to ensure that I get the main idea.

I have been seen by a number of the nurses and PAs at the PISA clinic, all of them very qualified. Dennis is my preferred provider for his kindness and wit (over and above the knowledge). I always feel respected when I see Dennis. This is really important, especially for those of us that have been living with intractable pain for years and decades. Dennis Paul is a bright star in my dark world of daily pain. I know he will retire someday and good on him, he has served his country and his patients in an outstanding manner. I will miss him greatly. Oh…and give him a raise!

Kindest Regards,
Tim S.