I can honestly say that

I can honestly say that Dr. Cubillo at PISA has changed my life! I was referred to him by a surgeon for serious back issues, including sciatica, which was just excruciating. Dr. Cubillo assessed the problems, and addressed three of the most severe with injections and ablation, in office, no general anesthetic needed. It was almost like a miracle! I can walk again without agonizing pain, and I have been able to restore some of my strength and movement, now that the pain is under control. I have responded extremely well to treatment, and will continue as long as possible before surgery is my only and last resort. I might mention that the staff at PISA is just wonderful. So kind, always friendly and so caring. If you have not tried injections and other treatments for pain besides drugs, I would recommend that you make an appointment and talk it over with Dr. Cubillo or one of his associates. They will tell you if they can help you, explain exactly what is causing your pain, and give you recommendations for how to proceed. I know that no matter what, when you leave Dr. Cubillo, you will have a much better understanding of your pain, and some options to help you be more comfortable.