Mark Cameron, ACNPC-AG

Mark Cameron, ACNPC-AG

Mark Cameron, ACNPC-AG has been seeing PISA’s Safford and Benson patients since January of 2020. He has his Masters of Science in Nursing and has been an NP for 4 years. Before that, he was an emergency room nurse for 12 years.

He chose this career for the opportunity to help more people in his rural community, where good care is often harder to find. When PISA moved to Mark’s area in 2019, he knew it would be a great fit because he could treat those closest to home without having to move to the city.

Mark believes that it’s essential to keep medicine personal, so he takes the time to really get to know his patients outside of what he sees in their records. This helps him focus on listening and providing individualized care.

Mark was born and raised in Tucson but moved in 2001 to attend college. In his spare time, Mark enjoys 4-wheeling around Arizona and Colorado trails in his Jeep and seeking the calm of mountains and forests with his wife and kids.

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