Best Sleep Positions For Back Pain

sleep positions for back pain

One of the most common pain conditions that people experience at night is not knowing the best sleep positions for back pain. It’s estimated that 80% of adults suffer from back pain, and that percentage gradually increases each year for a multitude of reasons. One of these reasons is because most people are unaware that their sleeping habits affect their physical health. Your positioning, mattress firmness, or lack of sleep may be the cause of your discomfort at night. Here is our advice on how to prepare for a painless, good night’s sleep the proper way: Read more

Foods That May Partially Relieve Your Degenerative Disc Disease Symptoms

Degenerative Disc Disease Symptoms

Unfortunately, there is no cure for degenerative disc disease (DDD). Whether caused as part of the normal aging process or because of injuries to your back, it is a progressive condition and once you have been diagnosed, managing the symptoms is usually a lifelong journey. Luckily, in addition to treatments that can be offered by qualified health practitioners, there are also some lifestyle changes you can make – like maintaining a healthier diet – that can be effective in helping to partially relieve Degenerative Disc Disease symptoms. The key to eating to relieve some of your degenerative disc disease symptoms is to look for foods that help you maintain a healthy weight, are anti-inflammatory, are nutrient-dense and that help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Read more

Best Shoes For Back Pain

Shoes for Back Pain

If you have back pain, life can come at you fast. You have to concentrate physical and mental energy regardless of what task you are trying to perform. However, there are simple things we recommend you do in order to lessen the impact that back pain has on your life. Whether you are an active runner, just on your feet a lot of the time, or in a suit throughout the day, picking the correct shoes for the task is very important. Read more

Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain for People on Their Feet All Day

relieve lower back pain

While it seems you cannot turn on the TV or open a health magazine without hearing about all of the health issues that desk jobs are contributing to, many people forget that working on your feet carries its own set of health hazards as well. Working on your feet all day can be exhausting. From retail to nurses, construction workers to police, there are many occupations that have require workers to spend a lot of time on their feet. In fact, about half of all workers in the world spend approximately 75 percent of their workday standing. And all of those hours on your feet can take their toll on your body. As well as pain in the feet and legs, spending that much time on your feet commonly contributes to lower back pain. Here, we address tips to relieve lower back pain when you are unable to avoid physically taxing work. Read more

How To Get Through A Migraine At Work

migraine at work

Maybe you have a big report that is almost due or you are saving up your PTO for that family vacation you are taking later in the summer … Whatever the reason, for people who cannot afford to take a day off, getting a migraine at work can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, we have very little control over when a migraine will develop. And millions of hours of productivity are lost to migraines at work every year. So what’s a migraine sufferer to do? Follow these simple tips to help you get through your day at work with a migraine. Read more

PISA Participated In The American Heart Association Tucson Heart And Stroke Walk

The American Heart Association Tucson Heart And Stroke Walk

The Pain Institute Of Southern Arizona recently participated in The American Heart Association Tucson Heart And Stroke Walk. PISA said, “It was a pleasure to participate in such an amazing community event and we look forward to participating again next year!” Read more

The Link Between Chronic Pain And Depression

chronic pain and depression

If you suffer from both chronic pain and depression, it should come as no surprise to you that the two are often linked with each other. Those who are currently injured, impaired, or dealing with chronic pain are probably not shocked to hear this piece of information. The connection between physical and mental health is a thinly drawn line and both can persist for an abnormally long time if you don’t try to manage it properly. Of course, each person’s experience is different and therefore require specific treatments that best suit their pain. The first step to addressing your stress and pain is learning how they relate and affect each other. Read more

Is Chronic Pain All In My Head? Yes And No

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is complicated. In terms of research and treatment, the topic of pain is pursued by many disciplines, including psychologists. Even more confounding is the way that psychological and physiological factors seem to feed into one another, contributing further to the pain’s chronicity. When people injure themselves, they have an accompanying emotional response to the pain. Alternatively, anyone who has ever suffered a severe loss of disappointment will be familiar with the physical pain felt in response to the emotional event. While huge strides are being made in an effort to better understand and treat chronic pain, the complexity and confounding variables of chronic pain still make it difficult to treat. Read more

Are Trigger Point Injections An Effective Treatment For Headaches?

Trigger Point Injections for Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, be they migraines or tension headaches, chronically or just every once in awhile, you have likely tried (or possibly even exhausted) all of the over the counter treatment options readily available. While many people find relief from NSAID painkillers, they are not an effective treatment option over a long period of time given the sometimes scary side effects associated with prolonged use. Luckily, patients seeking treatment for headaches have more options than ever. Trigger point injections for headaches can be effective on their own or as part of a comprehensive treatment for headaches, depending on a variety of factors which should be evaluated by a medical professional. Read more

Back Pain Relief Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Back Pain Relief Exercises

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffers from back pain, you know all too well the difficulties that come along with trying to manage the condition. Depending on the type and severity of your back pain, there are certain exercises you can do at home to stretch your spine and to increase strength. However, due to the sometimes-complicated nature of back pain, it is important that you carefully pursue exercise regimens and consult with a licensed medical professional. Participating in the wrong exercises or overdoing it are surefire recipes for aggravating back pain rather than relieving back pain. That being said, here are some back pain relief exercises that will be safe for most people suffering from general back pain. Read more